PH National Heroes Day: Not An Ordinary Holiday

The Philippines is celebrating its National Heroes’ Day today. August 27. Fourth Monday of August. And it’s a holiday. A holiday that everyone mustn’t forget because this is the day that we reminisce and go back of what our heroes fought for the country. Annually, the president has a ceremony to celebrate this holiday and mostly it’s being held in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. But the people? Do they really celebrate? I don’t think so.

As I have noticed, it may seem to be as an ordinary day. I know people know what the country celebrates because it’s holiday. But do most know what it really means today? No. Many children even forget who are Philippines’ heroes. Maybe they’d know who is Dr. Jose Rizal. But how bout the others? They also fought for the country like Rizal did. I think not knowing what our other heroes and their contributions is so unfair. Many may also say “So what if we don’t know it? Would it do anything to us?” Of course, physically wouldn’t get harmed. The significance of our nationalism and patriotism is lost. We get modernized and get to go along the trends, I admit. But, please, let us not forget the essence of this day since we only get to celebrate it at least once a year.


Not only National Heroes’ Day but also other national holidays. Let us celebrate and remember them not ONLY by words, by tweeting them, by celebrating them because there’s no school classes and office work, but ALSO THROUGH actions, determination, and nationalism.




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