So Many Dumb Ways To Die


I really loved this game/app! Loved the graphics, the characters, the song, the music video, anything about it. The best part is that “Dumb Ways To Die” is not only for entertainment but also serves as an awareness campaign and a public service announcement by “Metro” in Melbourne, Australia. Each character represents every dumbest thing that a man could do to cause himself death. I mean, the best example is when you’re at train stations or nearby. You already know that there’s a train arriving but you would still go down the railway because you dropped the most important material thing in your life. Or you might’ve already known that the train is gonna cross the road but you would still insist to cross over. Please, never do that. Your life is the most precious gift from God.

Hey! Nobody wants to the die in the brutal way. Nobody would even want to know that he or she is the dumbest person after death. Please, let us be good followers. Let’s not take risk of our precious lives. Stop, look and listen.

“Be safe around trains.” -Metro (and not only around trains but keep safe wherever and whenever you are!) 😉 LSP


3 thoughts on “So Many Dumb Ways To Die

    • Youre def right! Hope they coordinate to every country so that it’s more likely to be a global campaign. For sure gonna be a hit! ;))

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