Toy’s Story


I’ve been a huge fan of the animated movie series “Toy Story”. Been watching it for more than a decade. I liked how the story about toys came up. Like it would really grab everybody’s attention, particularly, children.

What interests me most is knowing that there could really be a world of toys. Maybe they aren’t moving when we’re using them. And when the light’s out and owners aren’t around, they might be moving and talking and living like people, too.

But here’s the thing. What if we (their owners) grew up? What will happen to them afterwards? Well, of course, toys like robots, dolls, fluffy stuff toys, to name some, these are toys that most children aged 0-12 years old would prefer. I get the feeling that there are tendencies for them to be sad. Tendencies that would make them feel dull, useless. Like when humans lose self-esteem. I just feel sorry for them when I threw most of them away and leaving some my favorites. How come I have had this “favoritism” stuff.

This gives me clarity of so many things around me. There are things that were attached to our lives but we shouldn’t be with them for long. As humans, we grow up. We won’t be children forever. We would create and have our own families someday and have children which will remind us of once being the stubborn, talkative and silly children too.

Maybe toys are created for a purpose. Maybe they are the ones who will make us always remember, someday when grow older and older, that “we were once children, too, playing the toys we want.”


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