Soar High at 109

]I would just like to greet my alma mater, Polytechnic University Of the Philippines, a happy, strong, productive, forever active Founding Anniversary! Well, it’s been 109 years! It is an honor to study in a university that’s been surrounded by remarkable and unforgettable events. Also, the university has gone over so many important events in our history. Wow. I wish for it to stay strong. Keep accepting students who deserve that quality education with the lowest tuition fee. I hope for better changes in time, maybe that’ll be sooner until I graduate. It’s just that for four years I will be staying here, it has already made me full and socially aware of everything. Like I have been this turtle who finally goes out of the shell. I should be very thankful for everything. So, here I am, writing to prove that I AM.

Again, Happy 109th Founding Anniversary, PUP! Soaring high at 109! 😀🏢



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