Why science says working in a call-centre is bad for your health.

A good read especially for call center agents out there! 🙂

The Secret Diary of a Call Centre

Many people try to live by the philosophy that work is work; something necessary to pay the bills and let us get on with the rest of our lives beyond the 9-5. According to this way of thinking we should be able to shed  the hassles and pressures of the office as we put on our coats on and walk out the door. But, is it that easy, or does the job we do exert a reach far beyond the office door, or factory gate to exert an effect on our health and wellbeing?

I’ve recently been reading a book called ‘The Spirit Level: why equality is better for everyone’ The books central theme is that people are healthier in societies with greater equality. One piece of evidence they put forward for this claim is the Whitehall II study of civil servants carried out in the mid 1980s. The study found that poor…

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