Some Faved Filipino Dishes

Have Fun For Life.

Here are some famous Filipino dishes that you would mostly encounter during birthdays, Christmas celebrations or any other important events, or even served everyday as requested by the family. These are also only some of the most favorited Philippine dishes that are gaining popularity and demand for centuries.

Most historians say that because of the 333 years of colonization of Spain, there has been great influences when it comes to food, whether on how Filipinos would like it to be cooked, served, likewise. And until today, you wouldn’t want to visit Philippines without tasting some cream of the crop.

In my case, here are my top five favorites.

20131013-095823.jpg1. Sinigang. This one must be the finest because the fact that it has the soup is very important. In this picture, I cooked it with some shrimps and green vegetables. The tamarind is the key ingredient to achieve the desired…

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