I Am Masculine


We commonly use “masculinity” as a term associated and suitable to the characteristics of men like strong, vigorous, mannish, to name some. But the question is: Is it only applicable to men?

We, here in LILY Online, believe that “masculinity” is also applicable to women and the LGBT community. At present, we have seen a lot of cases like these. We could’ve seen or heard of single moms who raise their children by their own. It is difficult to be a single parent right? As seen in movies, it is more than reflecting what is happening in reality. Likewise, we could’ve seen gay people who are very passionate and hardworking with their jobs. In fact, in the Philippines (surely in other countries too), although already accepted in the society, gays are still facing bullying not even knowing they are the breadwinners of their own families.

“This is why we wanted to redefine…

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Taken No More


Liam Neeson’s character as Brian Mills, a former CIA operative is back for the third installment of famous action thriller movie Taken. I’m a huge fan of Taken franchise but this one really disappoints me. The movie posters says “it end here”, it’s a great relief to know that it’s the final installment. Its predecessor movie Taken 1 and 2 were unquestionably great films. The finished product of those 2 films were breathtaking and that didn’t happen in Taken 3. Franchise film performs well primarily because the audience happens to be concern in every character and follow the prolong adventures. Honestly, Taken 3 under no circumstances can line up to the success of first and second installment. The action is so weak plus it is a bad movie that will add together in Taken series.

Source: thatfilmguy.net Source: thatfilmguy.net

As usual Liam Neeson returns in his old intimidating self. They offered a…

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Gay Main Character in Riordan’s Books (Spoiler Alert!)


Source: Camp Half Blood Source: Camp Half Blood

In the fourth book of The Heroes of Olympus entitled “House of Hades”, Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades came out of the closet (well, more like been forcefully kicked out of the closet). The readers and the fans were quite shocked and have mixed reactions regarding this revelation.

Some of them who hate Nico for being a bag of teen-aged angst just hated him more while many decided to cut the boy some slack for it is quite understandable. Nico lived during the 1940s, a time in which the LGBT were seen as an abominations or people with mental illnesses.

But let’s not get side tracked, on with the revelation! No one really saw it coming, most of the fans believed that Nico has a crush on Annabeth that’s why he seemed to be kinda pissy when Percy interacts with her.  And…

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Why Lily loves Bioware


Role-playing games are fun to play especially if you can customize your own character: choosing physical appearance, outfits and equipments up to developing a personality, following certain beliefs etc. But the essence of a role-playing game is its plot, in many ways, playing a role-playing game is like watching a movie in which you can be the protagonist and you can interact with the other characters and visit places. It is like having an adventure without really leaving your home, living a different life in a different world or place. It is like reading a book but having all of the effects manifested for you to see with your own eyes and hear with your ears in which you need not to rely too much on your imagination.

Source : Bing Images Dragon Age : Origins – Create your Character

Many of the gamers out there would probably know the name “Bioware

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