Gay Main Character in Riordan’s Books (Spoiler Alert!)


Source: Camp Half Blood Source: Camp Half Blood

In the fourth book of The Heroes of Olympus entitled “House of Hades”, Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades came out of the closet (well, more like been forcefully kicked out of the closet). The readers and the fans were quite shocked and have mixed reactions regarding this revelation.

Some of them who hate Nico for being a bag of teen-aged angst just hated him more while many decided to cut the boy some slack for it is quite understandable. Nico lived during the 1940s, a time in which the LGBT were seen as an abominations or people with mental illnesses.

But let’s not get side tracked, on with the revelation! No one really saw it coming, most of the fans believed that Nico has a crush on Annabeth that’s why he seemed to be kinda pissy when Percy interacts with her.  And…

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