I Am Masculine


We commonly use “masculinity” as a term associated and suitable to the characteristics of men like strong, vigorous, mannish, to name some. But the question is: Is it only applicable to men?

We, here in LILY Online, believe that “masculinity” is also applicable to women and the LGBT community. At present, we have seen a lot of cases like these. We could’ve seen or heard of single moms who raise their children by their own. It is difficult to be a single parent right? As seen in movies, it is more than reflecting what is happening in reality. Likewise, we could’ve seen gay people who are very passionate and hardworking with their jobs. In fact, in the Philippines (surely in other countries too), although already accepted in the society, gays are still facing bullying not even knowing they are the breadwinners of their own families.

“This is why we wanted to redefine…

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