Taken No More


Liam Neeson’s character as Brian Mills, a former CIA operative is back for the third installment of famous action thriller movie Taken. I’m a huge fan of Taken franchise but this one really disappoints me. The movie posters says “it end here”, it’s a great relief to know that it’s the final installment. Its predecessor movie Taken 1 and 2 were unquestionably great films. The finished product of those 2 films were breathtaking and that didn’t happen in Taken 3. Franchise film performs well primarily because the audience happens to be concern in every character and follow the prolong adventures. Honestly, Taken 3 under no circumstances can line up to the success of first and second installment. The action is so weak plus it is a bad movie that will add together in Taken series.

Source: thatfilmguy.net Source: thatfilmguy.net

As usual Liam Neeson returns in his old intimidating self. They offered a…

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