Moms For Life


Personally speaking, who doesn’t love our mothers? Even if we get to hate them there is still space in our hearts that tells us to always understand them. To always remember every single thing they do just to make us happy, satisfied and as if there’s nothing that we could ever ask for more. Moms are always right there beside us. When we get to walk while remembering how they guided us in our first baby steps. When we are looking at the bathroom mirror thinking of how patient they demonstrated the proper tooth brushing. When we wake up every morning reading the first word that catches our eyes while reminiscing the moments they became our “first teacher”. Indeed, our moms are willing to do anything for we are their children and they have to take care of us until the end.

We show our love to our moms differently. In fact I am not the type who always tell “I love you, Mom!” when I’m about to leave home. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love her literally. I can still express my love but, let’s say, in a more different way than the usual.

I admit I have this big fear of losing my mom physically. That one day will come, I suppose, and no one could ever stop it. That is why if we still have the time to hang out, have the longest chitchat and sell the most exclusive joke with our moms, then let’s take that as an opportunity for we will thank time someday for allowing us to do it.

Moms aren’t there for ever but all the good things they do for us will always stay forever.

My name is Laurence and I heart and salute all the moms in the universe! 😘

imagePHOTO: Me and my mom during my toddler days! 😉


Me, Myself and I


What does the fox say?

The fox says:

Sometimes you are not the person you think you are.

How much do you know yourself?
How much do you believe in yourself?
How much do you trust yourself?
How much do you love yourself?

Do you know anyone who trust you?
Do you know anyone who believes in you?
Do you know anyone who always protects you?
Do you know anyone who loves you?

Do you want to know what others think of you?
Have you noticed if there is someone who hates you!
Do you have a friend (who you think is your best friend) who backstabs you?
Have you ever hurt someone you love?

These are just some of the questions that your brain is asking you everyday.
The questions are more likely to ask how you accept yourself, how you accept others and how other people accept you. Indeed, you are the only one who can really answer these questions. It is ONLY you who can manage your relationships to others. It is your life.

Happy Earth Day


I dedicated this, one of my paintings, to our Mother Earth. In my own ways, I would like to show respect, sincerity and love to Her. I actually painted this one just today. The whole symbolizes Mother Earth. It is a “she”. The eye colors are green and blue. And the hair strands are dominant blue and green too. I covered the lower face with the hair. I wanted to emphasize here that the planet stays silent without any complaining into the harmful things people are doing unto it.

I admit I also happen to do harmful things to Mother Earth. But also like other people we learn from our mistakes and we know what is right and what is wrong. Let us remember that we get older and so does she. We have to take care of everything to protect our planet. Even in our simple ways like spreading the good news to our friends. It wouldn’t cost you to help sustain the beauty of the environment. So I ask you, what do you do to help protect our Mother Earth?

April 22, 2014. Today we are celebrating a global awareness of taking good care of the planet. But the awareness doesn’t only last for a day. It should last forever. HAPPY EARTH DAY, world!

SIYETE (A Short Film)



The film is about an old trolley driver (Tatang) who is new in this kind of job. At the start of his first day, he has lots of passengers. And one of his passengers is a young student (Buboy) who rides trolley everyday to school. Suddenly, Buboy starts to notice that Tatang is a newbie and is illiterate when it comes to money. Later on, Buboy becomes a regular passenger of Tatang’s trolley and he always finds time to review about money which also makes Tatang a regular listener.


This is an official entry to the Short Film Festival 2014. We are selected students from the College of Communication of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Directed by Kristofferson Suñga
Edited by Jennie Mallanao
Written by Bernadette Dacanay
Music by Laurence San Pedro
Creative Consultant: Kriztine Rosales-Viray

Production Staff:
Neil De Jesus
Jazzle Caayao
Paolo Ordonio
Nicole Yanga
Lucilla Cruz
Melvin Villasis

Hail Storm Gonzaga as Buboy
Alberto Gabyola as Tatang

All Rights Reserved. (C) 2014. Daydream Productions.

Awards Received from the Annual Sikat Awards:

Best Concept
Best Direction
Best Short Film

Please watch it here:


In behalf of my teammates, I would like to thank the people who made this film possible. And of course, for those who supported and believed in this mini film.

The film actually tackles the social relevance of how can we help those illiterate people in our own little ways. How bout you? How can you help them?


New Year

2014 is coming. We may not know what will exactly happen next year but we already have the hope and initiative to fill it with good memories like every year that passes by. I actually wish for a better, more peaceful world. I guess aside from me, there are millions out there who have had their new year’s resolutions ready with a belief that everything deserves a change for better or worse. Happy New Year and may God bless everyone.


Bookmarks For Life


Defined as a marker for finding place in a book, is such a beautiful tool and accessory that helps us to always remember what page or page number is our reading so far.

Let us look closely. A bookmark is also a good marker in life.
An average person of an average age has the average number of these bookmarks of his life. What are these markers? These are the memories that we count on every time we need to be alone for a while and reminisce special moments in our life. These are permanent markers to keep our lives meaningful and worth it. It’s more likely to say, we can never forget these memories because these were already part of us and nothing can take it away from us unless amnesia knocks on the door or likewise. But memories will stay forever even if we do not recall.

Fraction of Love

At first, love comes from you as a whole. That you almost love nothing else but yourself because other people, especially your parents, are telling you to love yourself first.


But as time goes by, you easily learn to love others. They tell you that they care for you and that they love you. So, you give your love in return.


In the end, you always give them your love to the best that you can. Suddenly, you almost forget to love yourself. You forget to leave some part of “love” which you have reserved for yourself. It’s just that it is too late now to retrieve what you have lost. It is also too late now for you to realize, that sooner or later, you will only have nothing left but an empty heart.

Look at you now.