The Good Volley-ing

I took a shot of them during this volleyball match. It was hectic and honestly it was just the few of us cheering in support for them.

The game reminded me during my elementary days. I was a varsity player that time. I even remembered the time when the sport “volleyball” took my attention. I found this game funnier to play with because of its mechanics as a sport. You must learn the right things to do like how would you serve the ball right, how would you receive it and then send it over the net. Well, the best part for me was when I did my first blocking. It wasn’t really my forte but at least I was able to do some.

What this game really taught me was the determination in everything that you would want to achieve. It was like striving very hard to receive the ball and dig it to the ground as if that ball was the most precious thing in the world. But that was in the game alone. After the match, as a good player, He or she must always put in mind the sportsmanship. Whether the team wins or loses, it would stay just the same and you’re still the player. That good one! 😊⚾️👏




People Like Us


They say when we look down the water we get to see the reflection of ourselves. But some say not. Like it doesn’t work in their case. These people can physically see themselves down the water but emotionally, they cannot. Just because maybe they aren’t ready yet to accept who or what they are now. Or maybe they think they must not have been this way now. Well, in fact, what we do reflects of what and how we feel. Also, what we do affects our image, feelings, state of mind, even on how we go with other people. It is just inevitable. Hence, we have to face the truth. We have to accept the reality among us. That we make what we are now. That we make what happened to us before, what is currently going on to us and what will happen to us in the future. Everyday is such a different reflection of us people.