Man is An Island


Sometimes we get lost of not knowing the truth, the right paths of our lives. We forget the most important. Then, it’s the only time we realized what we shouldn’t have done and what we should have done.


The Solo Days


I shot this picture a week ago wondering for how many days I have been alone. Of course we couldn’t get along with the people we wanna hang out with everyday as much as we want to. Then, finally a thought came to me. Every single important person in our life is not gonna stay forever. I mean people pass by to visit us. We get to know them but they still have to leave to continue their journey. To meet new people. Also, not all of them will leave us. Some are still there to support us. Some will advise. Some will make us happy. Some will make us better people. Some will change us. And most of all, some will love us and will continue to love us.