Changing for the Better this 2013

(Okay. I think this would be a huge come-back season for me after I temporarily stopped blogging last September 2012. haha! I dunno what was the main reason why I stopped writing. When I got to check my account here at I found out that many people read my blog and appreciate it. Well, guys, I really thank you all for that! Part of my new year’s resolution is to return to blogging again. I earn a lot of inspirations which urges me to write again. Thank you so much! I know this is quite awkward to say but I’d like to greet all of you a Happy New Year! And I wish a better year ahead of us. Let’s be better in every way.)

This year is a season of CHANGE. Not just to yourself but also to the way we communicate and work with others. Isn’t it better if you don’t have enemies? Isn’t it better for your health to be less stressed? Isn’t it better for you to know more about the “other” side of you and to know more of your potentials? Isn’t it better if you’ll be better to everything? YES. That’s the perfect answer.

These are examples for NOT “better”:

1. When the opportunity is there but you still don’t grab it because you’re shy, afraid, or whatever.

2. When you always think for yourself and it makes you look like “selfish or glutton”

3. When you get to correct what others do but you’re not even following your own instructions and corrections.

4. When you always make promises to someone but in the end, you are also the one to break those promises.

5. When you always want to copy or imitate a person, a thing, anything and you forget to create your own style, technique, etc.

The point is, we can still CHANGE for the better this year. Let’s not just stick to our status quo. Let’s explore. Let’s go out of our boxes, our comfort zones. Let’s find the BETTER us. Let us be true to ourselves and take u of these as an inspiration. Remember changing for the worse is worse. And changing for the better is better.