Colors and Life

Some people were born blind. If you are still able to see or identify the colors in this picture, you are very lucky because you are given the chance to see how beautiful life is.

Living life to the fullest is treasuring every memory of your life. Like valuing every thing that you can witness with your “precious eyes”.



Colors are like humans. They differ the way how they look. Every color has mood, emotion or feeling like people have too.

imageThe bright and happy colors of the umbrella standing out the greys.
imageThe first thing you’ll notice is the red, green, yellow and blue colored-buttons.
imageGreen is the color for “hope”.
imageThe letters are written in red which means “warning”.
imageThis little fella beyond his green house.

The Jeepneys


This is just one of the beautiful, well-kown, multi-functional jeepneys in the Philippines. This one’s most suitable when traveling along mountains where there are always rocky roads. LSP