Sun Up, Sun Down

First naturally-beautiful thing I will see when I wake up in the morning is looking up, feeling the warmth of the sun. It feels so good actually. Aside from the Vitamin D I am getting, what I really want to get is the feeling of thankfulness. That I am still alive today and will be able to continue living life to the fullest.

But I always have to know that the sun won’t be independently there for the whole day. I mean like us, we cannot be living on Earth forever. We still need to say “goodbye’s” so that people will remember us. I just think that “one of the best things in life is to at least witness the beauty of the sunlight every morning we wake up and before the time that we will die.” It’s just that there is “unending hope.” LSP


Rotten Death


I saw this cat and felt sorry for his sudden death. I wonder how will I look like if I choose to get buried 10-feet off the ground and get rotten and decayed like this one.