Those Rainy Days

Rainy days are often associated with melancholy, sadness, loneliness, or any more nouns for the sad feeling. Maybe rains can also symbolize pain, suffering, disappointments, broken promises and regrets. It’s just that those rainy days remind me of anything that could make me lonely forever.



Up Close and Personal


This was actually the first time I would be able to take a picture of my eye up close. If you would look closer, you may have noticed that this eye looked tired and stressed and whatsoever. Well, that is true. I guess the physical features of the eye may also affect a person’s feelings and emotion. It was like the eye serves as a mirror towards a person’s true color, true nature, true affection, true state of mind. Like my eye is very “me” and your eye is very “you”. ☺️👌👀

Fine Lines

The following photos are taken to emphasize how beautiful “lines” are even though we do not notice them.


Colors are like humans. They differ the way how they look. Every color has mood, emotion or feeling like people have too.

imageThe bright and happy colors of the umbrella standing out the greys.
imageThe first thing you’ll notice is the red, green, yellow and blue colored-buttons.
imageGreen is the color for “hope”.
imageThe letters are written in red which means “warning”.
imageThis little fella beyond his green house.