Colors and Life

Some people were born blind. If you are still able to see or identify the colors in this picture, you are very lucky because you are given the chance to see how beautiful life is.

Living life to the fullest is treasuring every memory of your life. Like valuing every thing that you can witness with your “precious eyes”.


The Stunned Cat

When I look at this photo, I always get to remember the beautiful tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines. I mean, look at that cat on the picture. Eyes so big like it’s bulging and the pose! Oh, crazily lovely!

Look at this one! He really looks like that cat. The way he poses and looks into the camera. Indeed they’re both cute!


Either way, cats are very loyal too. I think they could ALSO be named, called, recognized, or even labeled as MAN’S BESTFRIEND. 😉


The stunned cat

Our family cat named Winlove was always camera ready for taking pictures. I think he was surprised at this moment that’s why it turned out to be like this. It’s like a candid moment of him and I’m invading his privacy. What i love most is his big rounded eyes and soft fur. We are very good friends and it’s always been been a bliss playing him with my sisters. It’s been eight months since we found him outside our home. There is this quote that i read flash into my mind at this very minute. “In nine lifetimes, you’ll never know as much about your cat as your cat knows about you.”

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