SIYETE (A Short Film)



The film is about an old trolley driver (Tatang) who is new in this kind of job. At the start of his first day, he has lots of passengers. And one of his passengers is a young student (Buboy) who rides trolley everyday to school. Suddenly, Buboy starts to notice that Tatang is a newbie and is illiterate when it comes to money. Later on, Buboy becomes a regular passenger of Tatang’s trolley and he always finds time to review about money which also makes Tatang a regular listener.


This is an official entry to the Short Film Festival 2014. We are selected students from the College of Communication of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Directed by Kristofferson Suñga
Edited by Jennie Mallanao
Written by Bernadette Dacanay
Music by Laurence San Pedro
Creative Consultant: Kriztine Rosales-Viray

Production Staff:
Neil De Jesus
Jazzle Caayao
Paolo Ordonio
Nicole Yanga
Lucilla Cruz
Melvin Villasis

Hail Storm Gonzaga as Buboy
Alberto Gabyola as Tatang

All Rights Reserved. (C) 2014. Daydream Productions.

Awards Received from the Annual Sikat Awards:

Best Concept
Best Direction
Best Short Film

Please watch it here:


In behalf of my teammates, I would like to thank the people who made this film possible. And of course, for those who supported and believed in this mini film.

The film actually tackles the social relevance of how can we help those illiterate people in our own little ways. How bout you? How can you help them?



Global Pinoys

Global Pinoys

I dedicate this photo to all the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who sacrifice being miles away from their families just to earn money for a living. Most of the OFWs are abused, maltreated and discriminated. Kudos to all the hardwork!

Jessica Sanchez has a Filipino blood, doesn’t she?

It’s been months now since Jessica Sanchez wowed the world with her such amazing voice. With this, we could really see talents which had gone with a famous singing competition show in the US which is American Idol. I love Jessica and I can prove that haha! Sixteen years old singing like that? I’d be like WOAH. She really has a future. Great future in her singing career.


As far as everyone is concerned, BB Chez, her pseudonym, is a Filipino-Mexican descent. Her father is Mexican and her mother is a Filipino. But she grew up in the States and earned her nationality as an American citizen. Of course, all through out the competition Mexicans and lots of Filipinos are cheering for her and consistently voting for her. Here in PH, everyone was talking about her as if she was never gonna be forgotten.

Then I noticed that she doesn’t recognize herself as having a Filipino blood. I mean, not personally, but it doesn’t show that she really appreciate every Filipino who voted for her all night just to save her. All I get to see is a Jessica Sanchez saying, “Thank you Guys! Love you!” I mean, there must be point that made me resent her. She could’ve said more than that to people who were very proud of her because she’s half Pinay. She hasn’t even gone to the Philippines yet.

You know, still I’m very proud for Jessica. I mean this is such a Filipino instinct that whoever has a Filipino bloodline, they’d be so proud to see her in the global mainstream. Recently, the American Idol Live tour happened in Manila just this September 21. The show was great though, many say. Wasn’t able to watch it live because I don’t have tix. Well, I’m really touched that she will be staying a week more in PH after the concert to visit her Filipino relatives here, endorse some products, and to know more of the Filipino culture.


Jessica Sanchez is really talented person. She should’ve won the Idol! She is still young and got lots of things to do. She has more years to finish her study. I know it”s really better to finish a degree and finish studies. I’m just hoping that she won’t be like other teenage singers who were now being sent to rehabs because of drugs and alcohol addiction. I thought Jessica’s mother really raised her very well. More good lucks to you Jessica! Would want to see her bigger and better in the mainstream someday! 🙂