That Itch


These are some Tussock Moth Caterpillars we found feeding over this leaf. In Filipino, these are called “higad”. And everyone who has experiences with this itch-causing caterpillars must beware the next time. Just in time, I just had been a victim and it’s twice now. It was like, “Oh my God! I swear it would be the last time a tussock moth caterpillar will caress my skin!” 😖




Come in just a little bit closer now,
You know that you want me to take you down,
I’m the thrill that you can’t escape,
There’s no way out,
So don’t you forget,
you’re caught my spiderweb.

– Haley Reinhart, Spiderweb, 2012

(This is one of my favorite, most-played songs. I get to listen to this song once I want to be alone, even for a moment. I dunno. I just love the song itself. The beautiful lyrics, unique melody and of course, her beautiful voice. I don’t have the right to say it is a perfect song but for me, once I listen to it, it arrives so perfectly. Haley Reinhart killed it!) LSP