New Year

2014 is coming. We may not know what will exactly happen next year but we already have the hope and initiative to fill it with good memories like every year that passes by. I actually wish for a better, more peaceful world. I guess aside from me, there are millions out there who have had their new year’s resolutions ready with a belief that everything deserves a change for better or worse. Happy New Year and may God bless everyone.



Light of Hope


Got attracted to take this shot. The “light” reminds me of people who are making it to the point that they’re already losing hope. I should say to you all, hell to the no! Life is something that we cannot judge, rewind, fast forward, change, and run it like we own it forever. Everything has got to be as fair as everybody faces different challenges everyday. That everybody suffers a disease. That everybody is having problems with money. That everybody gets rejected. That everybody loses someone. Dude, you’re not alone. There are many who are just like you struggling. You should always know that. P.S. “At every moment you can still see the light, do not lose hope nor give up. You reach for it.” LSP

More Than A Rockstar

I Rock More Than a Rockstar

This is my offcial entry to the t-shirt design contest for the Avril Lavigne Foundation.

The design features a tagline, “I rock more than a rockstar.” This represents the self-acceptance, pride, eagerness, motivation and self-esteem of every person with disability (PWD). That this person can proudly show the world how productive he or she can still be despite of his or her limitations in life. Also, I put five characters on it. The blind, mute, deaf and the physically-disabled. These represent the common types of disabilities and all of them wear a happy face which symbolizes undying “hope”.

I’ve been an avid fan of Avril since I was a child. I would like to continue supporting her as well as her foundation. LSP


Sun Up, Sun Down

First naturally-beautiful thing I will see when I wake up in the morning is looking up, feeling the warmth of the sun. It feels so good actually. Aside from the Vitamin D I am getting, what I really want to get is the feeling of thankfulness. That I am still alive today and will be able to continue living life to the fullest.

But I always have to know that the sun won’t be independently there for the whole day. I mean like us, we cannot be living on Earth forever. We still need to say “goodbye’s” so that people will remember us. I just think that “one of the best things in life is to at least witness the beauty of the sunlight every morning we wake up and before the time that we will die.” It’s just that there is “unending hope.” LSP

Philippine Arena


This is the soon-to-be finished Philippine Arena located in Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines. It is the largest dome-based arena in the world with 50,500 seating capacity and a maximum of 55,500. The owner and operator are the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) and the New Era University. It will be finished by early 2014. I know that Filipinos are very proud of this. Also, I do hope that this arena will be the home court of the Olympics and finally it is the Philippines to host, not for so long but soon. ;))

Neon Lights

These neon lights just attracted me very well. This picture inspires me to never lose hope and to keep myself glowing inside, whenever possible. The right color, the right combination will lead us to a better life. But like these neon lights, in the end, we still have to turn them off. That we need to turn off our lights someday too. LSP