Moms For Life


Personally speaking, who doesn’t love our mothers? Even if we get to hate them there is still space in our hearts that tells us to always understand them. To always remember every single thing they do just to make us happy, satisfied and as if there’s nothing that we could ever ask for more. Moms are always right there beside us. When we get to walk while remembering how they guided us in our first baby steps. When we are looking at the bathroom mirror thinking of how patient they demonstrated the proper tooth brushing. When we wake up every morning reading the first word that catches our eyes while reminiscing the moments they became our “first teacher”. Indeed, our moms are willing to do anything for we are their children and they have to take care of us until the end.

We show our love to our moms differently. In fact I am not the type who always tell “I love you, Mom!” when I’m about to leave home. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love her literally. I can still express my love but, let’s say, in a more different way than the usual.

I admit I have this big fear of losing my mom physically. That one day will come, I suppose, and no one could ever stop it. That is why if we still have the time to hang out, have the longest chitchat and sell the most exclusive joke with our moms, then let’s take that as an opportunity for we will thank time someday for allowing us to do it.

Moms aren’t there for ever but all the good things they do for us will always stay forever.

My name is Laurence and I heart and salute all the moms in the universe! 😘

imagePHOTO: Me and my mom during my toddler days! 😉


Me, Myself and I


What does the fox say?

The fox says:

Sometimes you are not the person you think you are.

How much do you know yourself?
How much do you believe in yourself?
How much do you trust yourself?
How much do you love yourself?

Do you know anyone who trust you?
Do you know anyone who believes in you?
Do you know anyone who always protects you?
Do you know anyone who loves you?

Do you want to know what others think of you?
Have you noticed if there is someone who hates you!
Do you have a friend (who you think is your best friend) who backstabs you?
Have you ever hurt someone you love?

These are just some of the questions that your brain is asking you everyday.
The questions are more likely to ask how you accept yourself, how you accept others and how other people accept you. Indeed, you are the only one who can really answer these questions. It is ONLY you who can manage your relationships to others. It is your life.

Fraction of Love

At first, love comes from you as a whole. That you almost love nothing else but yourself because other people, especially your parents, are telling you to love yourself first.


But as time goes by, you easily learn to love others. They tell you that they care for you and that they love you. So, you give your love in return.


In the end, you always give them your love to the best that you can. Suddenly, you almost forget to love yourself. You forget to leave some part of “love” which you have reserved for yourself. It’s just that it is too late now to retrieve what you have lost. It is also too late now for you to realize, that sooner or later, you will only have nothing left but an empty heart.

Look at you now.

Cats can be man’s bestfriend, too.

One of the things I enjoyed during my childhood days was being a pet-lover. I always loved dogs and in the more serious case, CATS. Even though we all know that dogs are known as man’s bestfriend, there’s a point that made me think. “How bout to turn cats as man’s bestfriend?” It was like “How bout to give them any chance?” So I decided to take care of cats from now on. No more dogs allowed! LOL And there it was. I never had dogs until now. Just have cats and make fun with them. Cats are not as sweet and thoughtful as dogs but everytime I look at them I get to lose my stress. They’re so cute and lovable.


This picture always reminds me that cats are also man’s bestfriend. They can also relieve your stress. Can be very thoughtful. Can relieve the pain from your EX-boyfriends and EX-girlfriends. Can cheer you up. Cats are the best pet that I’ve ever had. I’m not saying that I am a dog-hater. It’s just that cats are very special to me.

Currently, I have two lovely cats whose names are Tom-Tom and Mot-Mot. And they just proved to me that CATS CAN BE MAN’S BEST FRIEND, TOO!

PH National Heroes Day: Not An Ordinary Holiday

The Philippines is celebrating its National Heroes’ Day today. August 26. Fourth Monday of August. And it’s a holiday. A holiday that everyone mustn’t forget because this is the day we should reminisce and go back of what our heroes fought for the country. Annually, the president has a ceremony to celebrate this holiday and mostly it’s being held in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. But the people? Do they really celebrate? I don’t think so.

As I have noticed, it may seem to be as an ordinary day. I know people know what the country celebrates because it’s holiday. But do most know what it really means today? No. Many children even forget who are Philippines’ heroes. Maybe they’d know who is Dr. Jose Rizal. But how bout the others? They also fought for the country like Rizal did. I think not knowing what our other heroes and their contributions is so unfair. Many may also say “So what if we don’t know it? Would it do anything to us?” Of course, physically wouldn’t get harmed. The significance of our nationalism and patriotism has been lost. We get modernized and get to go along the trends, I admit. But, please, let us not forget the essence of this day since we only get to celebrate it at least once a year.



Not only National Heroes Day but also other national holidays. Let us celebrate and remember them not ONLY by words, by tweeting them, by celebrating them because there’s no school classes and office work, but ALSO THROUGH actions, determination, and nationalism.



Colors and Life

Some people were born blind. If you are still able to see or identify the colors in this picture, you are very lucky because you are given the chance to see how beautiful life is.

Living life to the fullest is treasuring every memory of your life. Like valuing every thing that you can witness with your “precious eyes”.

Everybody talks but only few connects

Last Thursday, August 30, I attended a seminar held at Polytechnic University of the Philippines entitled “Everybody talks, Few Connects”. The resource speaker was Mrs. Lillian Ng Gui who is a consultant psychologist, christian counselor and a life coach. We may often see and hear of her in many of the shows of GMA7 (a TV station in the Philippines) like Protege, Fashbook, Survivor Philippines Seasons 3 and 4, and Personalan. I could say that she was very good in conducting the seminar. She didn’t make the seminar boring but she made it very alive, informative, and interesting.

It’s all about CONNECTING WITH OTHERS. According to her, connecting increases your influence, connecting helps in every areas of your life, connecting is all about others, connecting always requires energy, and connecting is more skill than natural talent.

What I learned from this is that we must use our connection to help others. We must not degrade people through it. It’s just that we influence people in the very positive way and not just for the benefit of ourselves. The skills for connecting to others are used to find our common grounds, to make out talk simple, to capture the people’s interest, and to inspire them and to be authentic. I get to realized connecting to others is a skill that we have to learn. It’s not just we talk to them and that’s it. It must be something that we must begin today for what people see, hear, understand, and feel. It is really important that we get to recharge energy for a better connection tomorrow. So that, we are ready enough to listen to others and others are ready to listen to us. It’s just being fair in every ways. We are given all of these natural talents, but you know, skills are not natural. We get to learn them. No human is born good, born to be a saint. Our skills are our way towards being good. We have the right to choose between good and bad. We learned values at home and at school, right? I really loved what Mrs. Lillian said, “Saints have a past, sinners have a future.” How true was that!


She also added that what makes people listen are through relationships, insights, success, ability, and sacrifice. As people connecting to other kinds of people, we must not only be the ones who are being eager to connect at first, we also must learn how to listen, talk properly and work with them properly.

I really learned a lot in the seminar. I was really not used to attend seminars before but this one really caught my attention. It taught me that I mustn’t be afraid of going first in everything because this is what’ll help me someday when I already get to work and have my own job in my field. I’m hoping everyone also will learn from this.

I write about this because this is one of the things we often forget. Everybody talks and say what they want. But, this is my question: Does everyone connect properly at the same time?

Think again and learn 🙂