Illuminati and The Music Industry

Frankly, I really love the western music. It’s no obvious that I don’t have favorites. The music of the Diva, Beyonce Knowles; the great rapper, Jay-Z; the RnB/Pop Sensation, Rihanna; and of course, the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga.  Everyday I get to hear them with my music player. Also, everyday I get to hear some issues regarding their involvement with the so-called “Illuminati” which is also known as the “Secret Society”. All over the years this has been the issue. Many singers, actors, anyone who’s been powerful are believed to be members of the group. But the one and only question of the many: “What’s the truth?”


The group is known with their occults and symbols. Such, these are the peace symbol, the covering of one eye, the A-okay, and the pyramid with an eye — as shown in the picture above. Some say that the people involved in this society are worshiping Satan. That they’re influencing the people with sex, greed, mostly negatives.  According to the famous writer Dan Brown, Illuminati is a brotherhood connected to masonry. Actually, there’s various definition of it. Many ask which and what is true. So did I. I know we are that curious, right?

That’s why I did some research. And it says that the music industry is nearly filled with these certain kind of people. For instance, songs have double meanings. Music videos are full of symbols which also makes them having ‘other meanings’ aside from interpreting the meaning of the song. Some explanations say that “A-okay” (hand gesture) resembles 666. Covering of one eye is symbolizing the “All-seeing Eye”. The inverted “Peace sign” which is from Nero long time ago. Constructing a shape of a triangle (pyramid) which also symbolizes the all-seeing eye. That they’re showing those symbols because they are followers of Satan. That they chose to be members of Illuminati because they want to be famous and wealthy. That they have to be influential to the people.


There has been a lot of controversies regarding this matter. A lot of conspiracies. A lot of revelations. But, are all these true facts? Are all these to believe? No one knows. Maybe they are true and maybe not. In this generation, we have to be very observant of the things that we see everyday. Curiousity is human nature. Even me is so curious of why the’re showing those symbols. Does it imply a certain meaning that is hidden? Why are many songs today always talks about sex and being wild? Why to showcase that partying and going to clubs to drink alcohol is all way fun? Why is it? I don’t know. I know I’m not the only one curious but also the’re millions out there too.

What matters is that you know the good and proper things and you know how to do them. I’m not discouraging you guys not to listen to these songs. I just want you to be aware of what these songs really mean. Also, aware of how powerful music is especially in this generation. Open your mind.

I really love music. It keeps me alive and happy. I’m just worried that the songs which are soulful and inspiring might be nearly gone. Sooner or later.