No More Pork


I saw this artwork last time as a preparation of the activists for the upcoming Million People March which aimed to gather more than a million people all over the Philippines to create a movement to abolish the Pork Barrel Scam which up until now isn’t yet resolved due to new discoveries of graft and corruption purposely done by the politicians and government employees.

I felt sad that the government even cannot handle the situation properly. Rumor has it that even the government is behind the issue and, thus, doesn’t want to abolish but rather rename this so-called fund and make it continue working in the government system.

As part of the common people of this country, Philippines, I never lose hope that someday this country is not listed anymore in the top corrupt nations as well as the a country where you can find peace and proper.




PH National Heroes Day: Not An Ordinary Holiday

The Philippines is celebrating its National Heroes’ Day today. August 26. Fourth Monday of August. And it’s a holiday. A holiday that everyone mustn’t forget because this is the day we should reminisce and go back of what our heroes fought for the country. Annually, the president has a ceremony to celebrate this holiday and mostly it’s being held in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. But the people? Do they really celebrate? I don’t think so.

As I have noticed, it may seem to be as an ordinary day. I know people know what the country celebrates because it’s holiday. But do most know what it really means today? No. Many children even forget who are Philippines’ heroes. Maybe they’d know who is Dr. Jose Rizal. But how bout the others? They also fought for the country like Rizal did. I think not knowing what our other heroes and their contributions is so unfair. Many may also say “So what if we don’t know it? Would it do anything to us?” Of course, physically wouldn’t get harmed. The significance of our nationalism and patriotism has been lost. We get modernized and get to go along the trends, I admit. But, please, let us not forget the essence of this day since we only get to celebrate it at least once a year.



Not only National Heroes Day but also other national holidays. Let us celebrate and remember them not ONLY by words, by tweeting them, by celebrating them because there’s no school classes and office work, but ALSO THROUGH actions, determination, and nationalism.



The Stunned Cat

When I look at this photo, I always get to remember the beautiful tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines. I mean, look at that cat on the picture. Eyes so big like it’s bulging and the pose! Oh, crazily lovely!

Look at this one! He really looks like that cat. The way he poses and looks into the camera. Indeed they’re both cute!


Either way, cats are very loyal too. I think they could ALSO be named, called, recognized, or even labeled as MAN’S BESTFRIEND. 😉


The stunned cat

Our family cat named Winlove was always camera ready for taking pictures. I think he was surprised at this moment that’s why it turned out to be like this. It’s like a candid moment of him and I’m invading his privacy. What i love most is his big rounded eyes and soft fur. We are very good friends and it’s always been been a bliss playing him with my sisters. It’s been eight months since we found him outside our home. There is this quote that i read flash into my mind at this very minute. “In nine lifetimes, you’ll never know as much about your cat as your cat knows about you.”

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Philippine Arena


This is the soon-to-be finished Philippine Arena located in Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines. It is the largest dome-based arena in the world with 50,500 seating capacity and a maximum of 55,500. The owner and operator are the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) and the New Era University. It will be finished by early 2014. I know that Filipinos are very proud of this. Also, I do hope that this arena will be the home court of the Olympics and finally it is the Philippines to host, not for so long but soon. ;))

Two Faces


This is the truth if you would def like to ask about the Philippines’ standard of living. The economy might have gone better now with record highs but it is not felt. Things get worse like for example poverty. It is as simple as this: THE RICH BECOMES RICHER and THE POOR BECOMES POORER. Might as well, an Australian professor once said that Philippines is a “paradise for the rich and a purgatory for the poor.” Either way, I am not contradicting that “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” LSP

The Jeepneys


This is just one of the beautiful, well-kown, multi-functional jeepneys in the Philippines. This one’s most suitable when traveling along mountains where there are always rocky roads. LSP

Sagada At Sunrise


This was a shot from the viewpoint of the Kiltepan Peak in Sagada, Mt. Province, Philippines. At the bottom was the beautiful Rice Terraces and there were gorgeous pine trees everywhere. LSP