SIYETE (A Short Film)



The film is about an old trolley driver (Tatang) who is new in this kind of job. At the start of his first day, he has lots of passengers. And one of his passengers is a young student (Buboy) who rides trolley everyday to school. Suddenly, Buboy starts to notice that Tatang is a newbie and is illiterate when it comes to money. Later on, Buboy becomes a regular passenger of Tatang’s trolley and he always finds time to review about money which also makes Tatang a regular listener.


This is an official entry to the Short Film Festival 2014. We are selected students from the College of Communication of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Directed by Kristofferson Suñga
Edited by Jennie Mallanao
Written by Bernadette Dacanay
Music by Laurence San Pedro
Creative Consultant: Kriztine Rosales-Viray

Production Staff:
Neil De Jesus
Jazzle Caayao
Paolo Ordonio
Nicole Yanga
Lucilla Cruz
Melvin Villasis

Hail Storm Gonzaga as Buboy
Alberto Gabyola as Tatang

All Rights Reserved. (C) 2014. Daydream Productions.

Awards Received from the Annual Sikat Awards:

Best Concept
Best Direction
Best Short Film

Please watch it here:


In behalf of my teammates, I would like to thank the people who made this film possible. And of course, for those who supported and believed in this mini film.

The film actually tackles the social relevance of how can we help those illiterate people in our own little ways. How bout you? How can you help them?



Soar High at 109

]I would just like to greet my alma mater, Polytechnic University Of the Philippines, a happy, strong, productive, forever active Founding Anniversary! Well, it’s been 109 years! It is an honor to study in a university that’s been surrounded by remarkable and unforgettable events. Also, the university has gone over so many important events in our history. Wow. I wish for it to stay strong. Keep accepting students who deserve that quality education with the lowest tuition fee. I hope for better changes in time, maybe that’ll be sooner until I graduate. It’s just that for four years I will be staying here, it has already made me full and socially aware of everything. Like I have been this turtle who finally goes out of the shell. I should be very thankful for everything. So, here I am, writing to prove that I AM.

Again, Happy 109th Founding Anniversary, PUP! Soaring high at 109! 😀🏢


No More Pork


I saw this artwork last time as a preparation of the activists for the upcoming Million People March which aimed to gather more than a million people all over the Philippines to create a movement to abolish the Pork Barrel Scam which up until now isn’t yet resolved due to new discoveries of graft and corruption purposely done by the politicians and government employees.

I felt sad that the government even cannot handle the situation properly. Rumor has it that even the government is behind the issue and, thus, doesn’t want to abolish but rather rename this so-called fund and make it continue working in the government system.

As part of the common people of this country, Philippines, I never lose hope that someday this country is not listed anymore in the top corrupt nations as well as the a country where you can find peace and proper.




Me and my classmates made this song and this video three weeks ago. I was just happy I was able to composed this song well than what I would’ve really expected it to be. Even if it wasn’t professional yet, as students it was really an honor for us to create this music video. This was remarkable to us. It was such a contribution to those memories I wouldn’t ever forget in college. We dedicate this video to our dearest University. The song is in the Filipino language but I know the other nationalities may appreciate it. Please watch. Lots of love and thanks, guys! 🙂

Everybody talks but only few connects

Last Thursday, August 30, I attended a seminar held at Polytechnic University of the Philippines entitled “Everybody talks, Few Connects”. The resource speaker was Mrs. Lillian Ng Gui who is a consultant psychologist, christian counselor and a life coach. We may often see and hear of her in many of the shows of GMA7 (a TV station in the Philippines) like Protege, Fashbook, Survivor Philippines Seasons 3 and 4, and Personalan. I could say that she was very good in conducting the seminar. She didn’t make the seminar boring but she made it very alive, informative, and interesting.

It’s all about CONNECTING WITH OTHERS. According to her, connecting increases your influence, connecting helps in every areas of your life, connecting is all about others, connecting always requires energy, and connecting is more skill than natural talent.

What I learned from this is that we must use our connection to help others. We must not degrade people through it. It’s just that we influence people in the very positive way and not just for the benefit of ourselves. The skills for connecting to others are used to find our common grounds, to make out talk simple, to capture the people’s interest, and to inspire them and to be authentic. I get to realized connecting to others is a skill that we have to learn. It’s not just we talk to them and that’s it. It must be something that we must begin today for what people see, hear, understand, and feel. It is really important that we get to recharge energy for a better connection tomorrow. So that, we are ready enough to listen to others and others are ready to listen to us. It’s just being fair in every ways. We are given all of these natural talents, but you know, skills are not natural. We get to learn them. No human is born good, born to be a saint. Our skills are our way towards being good. We have the right to choose between good and bad. We learned values at home and at school, right? I really loved what Mrs. Lillian said, “Saints have a past, sinners have a future.” How true was that!


She also added that what makes people listen are through relationships, insights, success, ability, and sacrifice. As people connecting to other kinds of people, we must not only be the ones who are being eager to connect at first, we also must learn how to listen, talk properly and work with them properly.

I really learned a lot in the seminar. I was really not used to attend seminars before but this one really caught my attention. It taught me that I mustn’t be afraid of going first in everything because this is what’ll help me someday when I already get to work and have my own job in my field. I’m hoping everyone also will learn from this.

I write about this because this is one of the things we often forget. Everybody talks and say what they want. But, this is my question: Does everyone connect properly at the same time?

Think again and learn 🙂