What’s the Real You?


This one I took during the 12th year anniversary of our college. And what really caught me were these colorful balloons ranging from green, yellow, to red and blue.

These balloons made me think if I am really showing my true colors or the “real” me in front of my friends, my family, to everyone, and even to myself. My answer was “not at all”. I mean, come on! It is a human nature of not showing to someone the real you. Maybe not yet this time but you are planning it soon until you really learn how to trust that person. Like he or she trusts you and vice versa.

Eventually, there has been a question which I often ask to myself:


Therefore, my answer is no. Of course I shouldn’t be like that. I get to think it’s better if we should just let it go naturally. Let’s always be real to our friends, to our families, to everyone and most of all, to ourselves. So we won’t have regrets. No disappointments, no cat fights, no “fake”.

Then, a happy-real life it is! 😀 LSP


Two Faces


This is the truth if you would def like to ask about the Philippines’ standard of living. The economy might have gone better now with record highs but it is not felt. Things get worse like for example poverty. It is as simple as this: THE RICH BECOMES RICHER and THE POOR BECOMES POORER. Might as well, an Australian professor once said that Philippines is a “paradise for the rich and a purgatory for the poor.” Either way, I am not contradicting that “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” LSP

The Solo Days


I shot this picture a week ago wondering for how many days I have been alone. Of course we couldn’t get along with the people we wanna hang out with everyday as much as we want to. Then, finally a thought came to me. Every single important person in our life is not gonna stay forever. I mean people pass by to visit us. We get to know them but they still have to leave to continue their journey. To meet new people. Also, not all of them will leave us. Some are still there to support us. Some will advise. Some will make us happy. Some will make us better people. Some will change us. And most of all, some will love us and will continue to love us.