Dear Sagada

Dear Sagada

Just joined this contest by Surviving Sagada. Wrote a song and made a 30-sec music video. Was not bad at all! LOL You may also join the contest. See the mechanics at: https://


Surviving Sagada. More fun in the Philippines

I am not really the “traveler” type of person who goes to different places or meets various nationalities and localities or simply who does travel a lot if I would literally define the word “travel”. I don’t actually mean that I hate traveling. I’m currently studying in Manila and I get to travel a lot on everyday commuting. Just that if it’s very far or on remote provinces or outside the country I think I’m still amateurish on traveling or maybe not even yet. Well, it’s been a nature of my parents to be practical every time. That traveling would cause huge amount of money. During summer vacations we stay at home doing our own stuffs. During the Christmas season my parents wouldn’t want us to go back to the province and have a get-together or a family reunion. Instead they would tell us to cook food and celebrate the season on our own like no other.  I mean, we really don’t travel if it’s not necessary!

But, you know, sometimes it makes me think like, as a human being with a limited life on Earth, I still need to travel places. I want to experience more than what I do now. To learn new things, recreate myself from this status quo and go outside the box. I would really want to travel the whole Philippines first—or the world if by chance—before I could die. And I’m like “Who doesn’t?” Definitely everyone wants to travel! That it’d create you remarkable moments that you’ll never ever forget!

It so happened that I saw this promo by “Surviving Sagada” in Twitter. I was completely amazed and very glad to have noticed the tweet at a glance! It said that the winner will be receiving an all-expense paid trip to Sagada in Mt. Province. I was telling myself “C’mon, dude! This is it what you’re waiting for.” I personally wanted to join the promo since I’ve never been to Sagada yet. Well, somehow I already did but only on pictures. And I’ve never been into these kinds of travel and vacations. I’d like to go there. So, no second thoughts and I would definitely grab this opportunity!

I know that many tourists would visit Sagada for its rich nature and unique culture. Sagada is home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Banaue Rice Terraces and famous for the attention-seeking Hanging Coffins. But the most special part is how to interact with the people there. There is the preserved ethnicity—particularly “Igorots”—that would always take part of the Philippine history and culture. As far as I’m concerned, most Igorots don’t have well-compensated jobs. I mean it may be due to their limited skills and incapabilities since they are laid back. And they’re also affected by poverty.



I personally would like to go to Sagada and encourage everyone to visit too! I think before you enjoy having vacations on beaches or going to other countries, isn’t it better if you go first to culture-studded places like Sagada? What I mean is that many Filipinos forget the rich ethnic culture like the Igorots’ or maybe not aware of their current situation. They need our help. We should know how important these ethnic groups are. For we are able to help them in our own ways and at the same time by visiting their beautiful place called SAGADA.

Whenever I win or not, I would like to thank “Surviving Sagada” and the others who took in sponsorship and cooperation. I’d personally like to thank you guys for creating this contest and for making it possible to everyone who has a dream to travel even for a short period of time. For giving chances to other people like me who aren’t used to travel a lot because of a limited budget. And, most especially, for showcasing the beauty and significance of Sagada as a premier tourist spot in the Philippines.

Again, thank you all for letting me write this one and share it to the world through my blog.

Let’s go visit and explore Sagada!