Cats: Also Man’s Best friend

One of the things I enjoyed during my childhood days was being a pet-lover. I always loved dogs and in the more serious case, CATS. Even though we all know that dog’s a man’s bestfriend, there’s a point that made me think. “How bout to turn cats as man’s bestfriend?” It was like “How bout to give them any chance?” So I decided to take care of cats from now on. No more dogs allowed! LOL And there it was. I never had dogs until now. Just have cats and make fun with them. Cats are not as sweet and thoughtful as dogs but everytime I look at them I get to lose my stress. They’re so cute and lovable. 


  One day my classmate, who is also obsessed with cats, gave me this picture. Damn! It was so cute! But you know, this picture always remind me that cats are also man’s bestfriend. They can also relieve your stress. Can  be very thoughtful. Can relieve the pain from your EX- boyfriends and girlfriends. Can cheer you up. Cats are the best pet that I’ve ever had. I don’t say I am a dog-hater. It’s just that cats are very special to me. 

Currently, I have two lovely cats whose names are Tom-Tom and Mot-Mot. And they just proved that CATS CAN BE MAN’S BEST FRIEND, TOO!